Our goal is to embed ourselves within your organization and its mission - like your brand’s personal and dedicated reporter - and our process reflects that.

When working together with Kollao Creative, here is how the first few months will go:



This is where we get to know each other, your values, and your goals by:

  • Establishing internal point of contact (POC) within your organization

  • Optimizing existing digital channels (or create new ones!)

  • Learning the culture, voice, and intent of your brand

  • Establishing goals and digital purpose

  • Setting a publishing schedule


With everything set up and a strategy in place, Kollao will operate and manage your digital channels with:

  • Regular content creation (photography sessions, graphic design, etc.) and distribution

  • Monthly look-ahead meetings to populate publishing calendar

  • 24/7 customer and community support and engagement

  • Consultation on social media marketing opportunities as they arise

  • Quarterly reports on social media and review site activity